Top Reasons for Hair Fall in Men and Women

Hair fall is the one of the commonly facing problem in our routine life. Hair thinning is the most frustrating, embarrassing, situation faced by most teenagers. The top reasons for the hair fall in men and women are – As many scientific studies revealed are listed below

Hormonal Variations – Hormonal changes and imbalance causes hair fall. These hormonal changes occur due to several reasons at several stages of life. Hormonal variations may be caused due to pregnancy, after child birth, discontinuation of birth pills, menopause.

Air Pollution – Air pollution is the one worst enemy for the Hair Fall (Video). As we move out and exposure to the environment, air pollution cause by vehicle smoke, cigarette smoke, industrial smoke and other dust particles get accumulated through the air. Hair fall starts to continue then. Proper attention should be given in order stop hair fall caused by air pollution.

Water Pollution – Chlorine contaminated water and salt water leads more damaged hair and indulges in more hair fall. Change of water also matters for the reason of hair fall. Treating the hair with polluted water makes the hair drier and leads to split ends. Use hygienic and clean water for treating the hair.

Side Effects of Medicines – The sudden decrease the estrogen level at the end of pregnancy leads to hair fall. High dose medications, drug and other compounds produce adverse side effects eventually ends up in hair fall. Chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer, there will be severe hair loss due to the high dose medicinal components in it.

Mental Stress – Stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension are the major root cause for the hair fall. As the experts say that the psychological stress, emotional behavior, sorrows, depression are connected to the mental stress which causes the hair to fall very fast.

Vitamin Deficiency – Multivitamins are required by the body in order to grow good. Deficiency of iron, iodine and lack of other essential vitamins results in hair fall. As the re-growth of the hair requires the necessary nutrients, it should be supplied naturally through food means. Vitamins B, B6, folic acid are highly demanded by hair to re-grow.

Life Style Changes – This modern life style has greater impact on the hair fall. Due to the growth of technology, there exists a complete change over the life style of the people. As there are several changes in the food habits, living style and fast food culture our body does not get perfect nourishment to maintain healthy life style.

Wrong Diet – Due to the poor diet, hair does not get required nutrients to grow. If the scalp is healthy, there will be natural hair growth in the place of fallen hair. Poor health of scalp damages the hair and stops the growth of the hair. The good nutritious foods enriches the growth of the new hair.

Excessive Use of Artificial Chemical Products

Chemical hair products such as hair gel, hair spray and hair dye greatly leads to hair fall. The chemical cosmetics create worst side effects. The recent research has alerted the people that the chemical substance called phthalates triggers early menopause. Chemical hair dye products not only gives the allergic reactions to our body, they also brings eye disorders and other skin diseases.

Various Diseases – Hair fall might be caused by various diseases such as diabetes, thyroid issues etc. Weight loss, weight gain several factors contribute to the reason for hair fall in many peoples. Diseases cause us to take higher dose medicines which results in hair fall or hair loss.

Factors like Age & Heredity – The major factors like age and heredity contribute the top reasons for the hair fall. Heredity plays the vital role in the hair fall. But this can be avoided to certain levels by maintaining good health care.

The above give are the Top Reasons for Hair Fall in Men and Women. Hence hair should be given utmost care to stop the hair fall and in order to maintain it healthy. Take necessary nutrients through foods to make the re-grow of lost hair.