Top 10 Foods for Heart Health

Heart is the main important organ which plays the vital role in the functioning of whole body. The function of heart is to pump blood. Heart is the only organ which is responsible for the functioning of all the organs. To keep the heart healthier, pick the below given foods in your daily food plan.

Top 10 Foods for Heart Health

Cocoa – Dark Chocolate ~ Dark chocolates are highly beneficial to heart health. Dark chocolates don’t contain any preservatives, colors, and sugar. The taste of normal chocolates entirely differs from the dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are slightly bitter in taste. This bitterness is very good to health. It actually helps heart in to reduce inflammation. It also aids heart in blood-thinning effect.

Strawberry ~ Strawberries are the popular fruit which is packed with bunch of goodness to heart. The color of the strawberry greatly attracts everybody regardless the age. It is rich in anti-oxidants which are highly demanded by for the healthy functioning. They serve as the excellent anti-inflammatory for the body.

Kidney Bean ~ Beans of all types are filled with ultimate nutrients which help in maintaining the body free from the risk of major diseases like heart attacks, cancer, and other serious health issues. The other minerals like sodium, folates are energy rich and beans are one of the best nutritious dietary foods.

Avocado ~ Avocados are loaded with heart healthy fats which strive hard in preventing the heart diseases easily. It contains all the adequate nutrients required for the heart to be healthy. Avocados are high in oleic acid which helps in preventing the breast cancer.

Walnut ~ Walnuts are nourished with many nutritional value which absolutely benefits for the good heart health. It completely reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer if it is taken at the required amount needed by the body.

Green Tea ~ Green tea is the De-caffeinated drink consumed for many people for the weight reduction. The recent researchers are proved that green tea is the healthy drink which actually benefits the human body in several ways. It also keeps the human life away from the risk of heart diseases and other common health problems.

Oats Meal ~ Oats meal has been become very popular in recent times. It is recommended by most doctors for the good health. As it contain the special fiber called beta-glucan, keep the cholesterol and blood sugar level control. It also contributes to the weight reduction in the healthy way.

Flax Seed ~ Flax seeds are best source of omega 3 – fatty acids. Flax seeds are also rich in magnesium, fiber, and photochemical. It prevents heart disease, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and other major health problems. Flax seeds are most beneficial to the women health who suffers from the health issues at the age of 40.

Olive Oil ~ Nowadays it has become very common of cooking using olive oil as people are aware of the health benefits of it. Olive oil contains organic extra-virgin, it will control the cholesterol level and lead to good supply of blood to heart.

Kale ~ Kale is the dark green healthy vegetable which contains more anti-oxidants. It helps in strengthening the immune system. It is good source of essential vitamins which fights with heart attacking diseases. It also keeps away the eye disorders at the higher rates.

Top 10 Foods for Heart Health listed above are highly nutritious. Intake those foods for healthy heart and enjoy the benefits of them to the fullest.