Thinning Hair in Women – Causes and Treatment

Experiencing serious hair thinning? If you lose more hair than what you lose in normal have more chance of leading to severe hair thinning in the later stages. Women do not go bald in most cases but hair thinning is the worse stage of hair fall. Possible causes of thinning hair in women are listed with the treatment.

  • Hereditary

Thinning hair in women may be caused of hereditary characters which they acquire from their ancestors. About 95% of hair loss is caused of heredity factors. Thinning hair problems in women are not visibly noticed by others in the initial stages. Hair thinning caused of hereditary can be overcome by taking proper care to hair.

Treatment - Let your hereditary factors reside on one side; you take persistent effort in caring for your hair from the early stages itself. Offer best scalp treatment for hair using effective hair care products. Follow healthy lifestyle and food style and also take healthy foods for hair growth.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Especially excessive hair fall in women is caused of sudden changes in hormone level. Estrogen is the female hormone is responsible for hair loss in women. During Menopause and menstrual phase there happen fluctuations in the hormone level. Stress, tension such factors hormonal imbalance. This causes severe hair fall and results in hair thinning.

Treatment - Keep your hormone levels balanced. Drastic hormonal changes risk to hair thinning. Boost your energy and maintain body healthy. Take nutrition rich foods and do some regular exercises. Intake supplements to keep your hormone level neutral. Take some herbs to balance hormone level.

  • Unhealthy Food Habits

In this fast moving world we run behind works and fill the stomach with foods which are readily available. Adapt healthy food habits to live in a healthy way. Due to poor Nutrition Diet hair doesn’t get required power to stand in its roots. So it naturally tends to fall and in the later stages thinning occurs. Hair fall starts to increase more and more if proper treatments are not taken. Receding front hair line is also caused of lack of protein in hair.

Treatment - Rich Nutrient loaded foods will serve perfect nourishment to hair to grow. Start to drink milk everyday it contains more power to strengthen weak hair roots. Fruits like Banana, oranges are high energy content foods that help to hair growth. Especially spinach which contains iron gets you dense healthy hair.