How Can We Control Blood Pressure?

Due to the shifting of life style to the technological advancements our food habits also changed and we are adapting to the new existence. Though we have several benefits at the same time we are getting into the polluted world. More than diseases we people are caught by various health issues. One among them is blood pressure. It is not a disease but if we are not properly taking care of blood pressure it ends with serious disease. How can we control blood pressure? It is commonly arising question in these days. Actually blood pressure is the driving force where the blood pushes in opposition to the artery walls as it moves through the circulatory system.

Always maintain the blood pressure normal. If it goes high it is called hypertension. It ends with heart risk, kidney failure and stroke. If it is low it is called hypotension. It gives headache, dizziness and makes you to feel tired. So both conditions are not good for health. It is better to concern the health advisor if anyone gets these two symptoms. It is easy to get rid of blood pressure. The best solution for how can we control blood pressure? Healthy food habits. Balanced diet is the key for all health problems.

How Can We Control Blood Pressure?

Constantly follow the foods which are low in salt and sodium. Instead of salt you can consume herbs and spices it will be good for health. Those who are having high blood pressure it is advised to take less content of salt and sodium(less than 2.4 grams)

Consuming alcohol is good and bad for health. Intake of alcohol prevents the heart attack and coronary artery disease. At the same time we should limit the alcohol. If we take small amounts it will reduce the blood pressure by 2 to 4mm Hg. Too much of drinking alcohol results with serious health issue it is better to avoid drinking alcohol.

Stay with healthy diet which is rich in fruits, grains, vegetables, proteins, minerals, nutrients and low fat dairy products helps to reduce Low (Bad) cholesterol, heart and kidney problems. Balanced diet plan will help to live away from health risks mainly blood pressure.

Physical activity will decrease the high blood pressure level. It helps to maintain the blood pressure. Do exercise at least 30 minutes daily. If anyone already has a high blood pressure means it helps to reduce the pressure. If you are experienced with low blood pressure exercise helps to maintain the balanced pressure

Consume some potassium rich foods. It is the crucial thing which finds out the sodium effects on blood pressure. Usually vegetables and fruits are high in potassium like orange, sweet potato, banana, tomato; peas are good enough for blood pressure.

Always maintain the healthy weight. If you are obese or lean both of them is not good. If we are obese it really causes the health risk such as high blood pressure. It is better to balance the healthy weight.

Avoid drinking of caffeinated beverages, tobacco products, and smoking leads to high blood pressure. Maintain and monitor the blood pressure regularly and make sure that a blood pressure is less than 140/90 mm Hg and it is normal one. Nowadays from the young to old people are facing the blood pressure problem. The best answer for how can we control blood pressure? Following the healthy and balanced diet in a proper way helps to save ourselves from various kinds of diseases.

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