Is your Body Ready for summer? Summer Cool Tips

Summer is the season when children enjoy their holidays. But during this season summer becomes very hot and heat increases day by day. Ultimately you need body care in summer. Especially children need it as they play out their activities mostly in the sun. Care has to be given to children, adults and senior citizens. Most of Seasonal Diseases will occur during summer. To overcome the heat and to stop getting affected from diseases some measures have to be taken. Go through the summer precautions and make use of it.

10 Steps to Follow in the Summer

Drink Lots of Water : Drinking water at regular intervals has to be followed during summer; quantity of intake may differ according to the age. Use earth mud vessels to store water it provides you natural cool water. Drinking water kept in the mud vessels will gives you Immune Power. It is mainly needed during the summer season.

Eat Watery Fruits : During this season the water content in our body will decrease due to heavy sweat, to keep needed water content in our body have watery fruits like watermelon, grapes, orange etc.

Intake Green Vegetables : Green vegetables are wonderful source of immune power. That too, taking watery vegetable regularly like prepared or raw will be a good precaution to overcome summer. It is better to have a vegetable salad combined of watery vegetables like cucumber, onion, tomato, cabbage, and radish. Add Olive oil leaves and coriander leaves. With salt and pepper, pour some lemon juice and amla juice. Smash it and have it fresh.

Drink Butter Milk : Butter milk is another remedy available to overcome summer. Adding fenugreek powder or coriander leaves to butter milk will give a colorful look, increase its taste and smell. Both fenugreek and coriander are used as herbal medicine.

Drink Lemon Water : Lemon Juices are usually preferred by most of us during the summer season. But having lemon juices with sugar and salt at regular basis is not at all good for health. So drink water added with lemon juices in between instead of having plain water. Consume specially something as a summer precautions

Drink Gooseberry Juice : Gooseberry juices are an excellent medicine for some diseases that occurs during summer. It is best solution for the heat burns appears during the summer and controlling body heat is also possible through this Juice. Take 4 to 5 gooseberry, grind it and filter the Juice. Add it with one liter of water and Drink the Water two to three glasses in a day.

Avoid Spicy Foods : It is better to avoid too much Spicy Foods during summer. Consumption of green chilies has to be reduced during this season. Your body will obtain too much heat which results in some disease like eye infection, stomach pain, stomach infections, etc.

Add Raisins : A main problem faced by many people during the summer season is constipation. Taking raisins a ten pieces at regular basis will helps you to overcome this problem. Constipation is the main thing to be considered, as it pays way for all other diseases to enter into a body. Following all the above said methods also take raisins to avoid constipation problem.

Take Bath : Taking bath not only cleans your body, but also helps to keep your body cool. Taking bath after returning home from outside will safeguards you from body infections. Take a bath for 5 to 10 minutes under the shower by keep it in a low flow out.

Summer may bring heat and sweat, but people enjoy their vacations by visiting different tourist places, there may be chances to get summer infections. So be conscious about your health to avoid summer disease. Follow the summer precautions to protect yourself from heat.