How to Get Black Hair Naturally at Home

How to Get Black Hair Naturally? Is very common question raised by many people irrespective of the age and gender. You might think it is hard to make it. We help you with the best solutions to maintain hair black naturally. It is easy to say, than to follow. Obviously yes! The solutions given are very east, simple, effective. The suggested solutions are home remedies using the ingredients available at home.

HOME TREATMENTS – How to Get Black Hair Naturally

  • Gooseberry

Make the fine pieces of gooseberry
Dry the pieces and make a powder
Mix the powder to the coconut oil
Apply and massage regulary

  • Fenugreek

Heat the fenugreek and grind it to powder
Mix with oil, apply and massage gently

  • Jojoba Oil

Heat the jojoba oil mildly
Massage with warm leave it for sometime and take hair bath

  • Butter milk

Massage scalp twice a week with fresh butter milk
Apply onion paste on scalp once a week
This helps to get black hair

  • Thulsi leaves

Thulsi leaves can be made into paste
Thulsi is the most powerful scalp stimulator
It Cleanses our hair

  • Green tea

Green tea extract can be used for massage
Better key for anti-dandruff and good hair conditioner
Nourishes hair follicles

  • Red Hibiscus Flower

Red hibiscus flower can be readily put in to hair oil bottle and use
Apply and massage, it stimulates dark black hair

  • Hair Oil

Add coconut oil in a hot pan
Add some curry leaves, amla pieces, neem leaves crushed
Sim the stove and boil it for some minutes
Filter and use this on the hair and scalp

  • Mixture of Oils

Sesame oil + coconut oil + olive oil + aloe vera gel => Mix, heat and massage


Hair oil massage is very essential to induce thick natural hair
They improves the blood circulation and strengthens hair roots
They energize scalp and stimulate new hair to grow
Relieves from stress and headache
Keeps our body cool
Regular hair oil massage prevents dandruff and dry hair

TIPS to Get Hair Black Naturally

Follow the healthy diet
Never leave your hair dry
Daily while applying oil to hair, massage in circular motion
Oil massages must be taken regularly
Say bye to chemical conditioners
Use home made shampoo
Weekly spare some time to care for our hair
Never apply chemical gels, hair styling products
Use home care moisturizing products
To avoid split ends, trim your hair periodically
Never brush hair when it is wet, it breaks your hair

Fast effective home remedies for “How to get black hair naturally” are provided with great care for your hair. Let your hair grow like your love.

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