Homemade Natural Protein Hair Treatment

Excess protein in hair will surely improvise the condition of your hair as it never before. Protein sustention will keep your stronger and shine. A protein treatment is more essential to keep moisture and protein in hair. Though Healthy Protein Foods are taken in various forms, external treatment is more essential to maintain healthy hair.

When you need a protein hair treatment?

  • When you feel your hair is damaged or it needs a massage or it highly affected by sun.
  • when breaks is more in hair
  • when your hair become more dry and unhealthy
  • when you feel to secure hair from hot summer
  • when it needs a good massage
  • When you want to save your hair, which was chemically treated with coloring.

The Best Protein Treatment For Hair

  • Egg Treatment

Egg treatment can be done in different forms by adding different ingredients with egg. Some of the egg combined treatments are stated below.

  • Egg with Olive Oil

Take egg yolk from one egg, add one table spoon of Olive Oil, add some lukewarm water, mix the combination well make it as a paste and apply to your hair. Sometimes olive oil may affect your face. So cover your hair pack without falling in your face.

  • Egg with Yogurt

Take yogurt in a small bowl, add white egg and mix the content as a paste. Apply smoothly in the hair; make sure that the mixture wholly spread. Wait for 20 to30 minutes and have head bath once the mixture is washed, apply good shampoo to clear the paste from the hair.

  • Egg with Honey

Do the same treatment with combination of egg, honey and almond oil. To make the mixture you need one tsp of honey, half tsp of almond oil and one egg yolk.

  • Egg with Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is very light and somehow cool to apply, take one egg and separate the white part, add small bowl of Coconut Milk. Stir it will and applies to your hair. After washing you can really feel a cooling experience.

  • Egg with Lemon

Take 3 eggs and pour it in a bowl, add one tsp of freshly extracted lemon juice, blend it and apply in the hair, dry it for 15 minutes. You will sure to get shine and moistures hair after a complete bath.

  • Egg With Mayonnaise

A protein hair treatment with egg will really gives you best result. Egg rich protein content can combine with some other products to form different varieties of hair treatment. Do the protein treatment combining egg and mayonnaise to find a better result in your hair.

Egg rich protein content can be used in different form to get shine and silky hair. Egg also helps to strengthen your hair.