Homemade Face Mask to Protect Skin from Summer

Is your skin ready for summer? Summer is the worst time when skin gets easily attacked by so many problems of over-heat, dehydration etc, Protect your skin from sun damage to prevent sun tans, Skin Dryness, and skin darkness. Beat off the summer and get your skin glow.

  • Banana and Curd

Fusion of Banana and curd will soften skin texture without dryness and also clears up bumps caused by over body heat. Slice one mellow banana and grind it added with curd and few ice cubes. Finally spray little turmeric powder on the topping and blend well. Mask will look like a squash and it is full of nutrients enriched and super-charges your skin even in summers. Mask your face with the prepared pack of ingredients. Leave it as such until it dries out completely. Wearing this mask daily cools your hot skin and gives you clean and clear skin. This Natural Homemade face pack is also suitable for all skin types.

  • Oats and Honey

Oats facial pack is well known one for Oily Skin. It works well in extracting extra oil present in the skin and prevents acne possibly. Boil little quantity of oats and mix it with few spoonful of natural honey. Honey serves as a super powerful ingredient in removing blackheads and dead cells. Additionally, sprinkle little baking soda to reduce the pimple inflammation. This mask is best suited for oily skin and squeeze out excess oil on skin. Oats will hydrate skin and makes rejuvenation process. For better results, rinse your face with warm water before and after masking.

  • Cucumber Juice and Turmeric

Combination of cucumber juice and turmeric pack benefits more to summer skin. It combats excellently in treating skin bumps which especially occur more in summers. Grate cucumber and extract juice from it. Add turmeric which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It kills germs and other flu particles settled on skin layer. Cucumber juice makes your skin layer get drenched and wipes out skin dryness. Make a thick paste and lay a mask on the face. To obtain effective results, use chilled cucumber juice for the mask. Rinse your face with chill water 3-4 times till the yellowish tinge of Turmeric goes from face completely.