Health benefits of Drinking Lemon Juice

Sour and citric lemon juice has more health benefits than any other fruit contains. Lemon juice is contains vitamin C and B, calcium, phosphorous, flavanoids, magnesium, and fiber. It is boosted with ample anti-oxidants and anti-cancer properties. Enjoy the best health benefits of drinking lemon juice.

Balances pH
Lemon water maintains stability of alkaline nature and balance pH value of the body. It revitalizes body to keep body in stable state. During the low blood pressure, lemon water can be taken to get immediate relief from dizziness and tiredness.

Gives Instant Energy
Drink lemon water adding salt or sugar to gain instant energy. The acidifiers present in lemon water energies your body and keep your body cool. It rejuvenates whole body and keeps active. Lemon water helps you to be lively.

Alleviates Tooth Ache
Lemon water arrests tooth ache. Lemon juice along with clove powder is the instant first aid to alleviate pain from the tooth. The pain from tooth root gets relieved. Lemon juice removes plague and aids in making Teeth White and sparkling.

Excellent Weight Loss
To reduce weight in natural and safe way, lemon contributes a lot to it. Lemon juice extract should be mixed well with pure water. Don’t add sugar or salt to it. Sip the lemon water often. It hydrates your body and burns excess fat in your body.

Flushes out Toxins from Our Body
Lemon water flushes away the toxins from the body and keeps us healthy. It helps the body to remove toxins naturally. Sour lemon liquid aids in digestion and make the process simpler by breaking down the fats. It revitalizes our body and gain more energy to stay active.

Benefits more to Skin
Lemon juice keeps the skin glowing and healthy. It helps to decreases dark spots and blemishes. Get a wrinkle-free skin by applying lemon juice on your skin. The natural essence in it clears blackheads and leaves skin pure.

Cure Cold and Cough Fever
Lemon and honey is the best cure for cold in granny’s book. Lemon juice and honey mix will control cough and cold. Lemon juice maintains the body temperature and clears the fever.

Relives Heart Burn
Heart burn is caused of eating more spicy and oily foods. Most times it happens of eating in hotels. To get quick remedy from heart burn squeeze half a lemon, mix with water and Drink. It heals the acidic nature of burns and cools.

Heavy Menstruation
Most women suffer of heavy periods during their menstrual phase. It also serves as best remedy for painful and irregular periods. Drink cold lemon water three to four times a day. It absolutely relieves pains and regulates menstrual flow.

Prevents Nausea
Smelling lemon flavor blocks the nausea sensation. It is carried while travelling for long places to avoid vomiting. Lemon odor suppresses the vomiting feeling. It is taken for travelling sickness.