Doing Exercise in Treadmill is Good or Bad?

As more residential flats are inaugurated often, more people want themselves to occupy and prefer living in flats due to several reasonable reasons. As people want to stay fit, they prefer of buying home exercise equipment. One such popular home exercise equipment is TREADMILL. Is Treadmill is effective to stay us fit? DOING EXERCISE IN TREADMILL IS GOOD OR BAD? To know read down!!


  • Beneficial as aerobic exercises
  • Ease of use
  • Needless to care about weather, traffic, darkness
  • Great choice for people who live in flats
  • Simulate walking / running up hills for greater aerobic fitness


    Treadmill users !!!! Its is the time to know working on treadmill is good or bad??

treadmill users may face these ailments

1.Knee problems

2.Due to lose of wind resistance while running increases running work load to 2-10%

3.Lack of air-resistance leads to further issues

4.People Might develop improper walking & running gait

5.Affected by severe leg nerve problems

Regular treadmills users might lead to serious health issues like,

Reasons for these Health Problems are

Normally person walks 90 to 120 steps/min
Treadmill adds extra strain and potential lead to severe injuries
Greater force impact on knees lead to nerve damage


A Recent health reports says “Children and infants are affected by home treadmill injuries” . Ensure children do not step in the treadmill.