Does Dandruff Cause Hair to fall?

Do you think dandruff causes hair fall in excess? Dandruff is the dry scalp skin condition caused of fungal attack has more chances of resulting in excessive hair fall which might lead to hair thinning in the later stages. Itchy scalp with white flakes falls on shoulders is the main Symptoms of Dandruff in you. Know the reasons why dandruff causes hair to fall?

Dry Scalp : Scalp always needs moisture to stabilize hair roots. When scalp lack moisture and go dry, hair follicles gets weaken and naturally hair tends to fall from the roots.

Weak Hair Roots : As hair roots are feeble, hair naturally loses its strength and starts to fall easily. Weaken hair roots do not encourage hair follicles to grow. Hair becomes brittle and leads to split ends and hair breakages.

Unnourished Hair Strands : Hair scalp needs good source of nutrients to enrich hair strands to stimulate hair growth. If hair doesn’t get its required nourishment it may result in hair loss.

Feeble Hair stem : Hair stem needs to be powerful enough to adapt environmental changes related to hair care. Feeble hair stem will leads to damaged hair problems if left uncared in the initial stages.

  • How to treat Dandruff Related to Hair Loss

To treat dandruff caused hair loss firstly you need to clear up dandruff and then concentrate on scalp care. Simple tips to treat dandruff related hair loss are lined up below. Follow them and eliminate dandruff problems.

Shampooing your Hair

Best anti-dandruff shampoos for dandruff prone hair are available in all stores. Get set with the right choice of dandruff shampoo that can completely wash out your dandruff problem in few repeated washes. Scalp soothing Anti-Dandruff shampoos helps to balance both dandruff and hair loss problems. You will get better relief from itching and dandruff in very few washes. It also paves good way in dandruff prevention by nourishing scalp with micro nutrients and vitamins.

Home Treatments for Dandruff

After shampooing your hair try some of the home remedies to get away dandruff at home. Shampooing with anti-dandruff shampoo is essential before taking home treatments. Rinsing hair with water diluted vinegar, massaging hair with Coconut Milk, making hair wash after applying fenugreek paste are the best home care remedies for dandruff that gives effective results.

Oiling for Dandruff

Oiling your hair and washing it regularly will rapidly reduce the intensity of dandruff. Select right oils for dandruff care and use it appropriately. Olive oil, Rosemary oil, lemon grass oil caters all scalp care needs for dandruff care and also it helps to maintain thick hair.