Best Herbal Food for Hair Problems

Experiencing severe hair fall? Due to plenty of reasons currently 1 in 5 people are suffering hair loss problems. Wipe off all your hair loss problems by giving more care to your hair. Here listed best herbal food for hair problems. Take Herbal Treatment for Hair at Home to solve your hair problems.

Best Herbal Food for Hair #1: Curry Leaves

Curry leaves is one of the most essential ingredient added in Indian dishes. Many people get frustrated of severe hair loss problems but they don’t find any remedy to cure. Curry leaves present in dishes are to be eaten not to be thrown off. Take a healthy step to care your hair. It excellently repairs damaged hair and hair split ends. Make a thick paste of curry leaves added with Lemon Juice. Lay a mask of curry leaves on your hair and wash it off. It will certainly improve your hair color and growth. Using Herbal shikakai shampoos also help.

Best Herbal Food for Hair #2: Henna

Henna is the cooling herb which can help in hair growth. Henna not only colors your hair but also gives perfect nutritional value to the hair. Application of henna on hair improves hair health and also gives good conditioning effect to hair. Grind fresh henna leaves along with green tea essence. It Moisturizes scalp gently and stimulates hair growth by eliminating hair fall problems.

Best Herbal Food for Hair #3: Mint

One fine treatment to dandruff and itchy scalp problems is mint herb. Apply mint juice pack mixed with Vinegar solution on the scalp and give massage. Hair scalp will absorb mint juice and produce its benefits for hair growing. It offers perfect soothing and cooling effect when treated with mint juice. It quickly fixes dandruff and itchy scalp problems in repeated washes. It adds better glow and softness to the hair.

Best Herbal Food for Hair #4: Basil Leaves

Basil leaves has more medicinal property which helps to cleanse your hair effectively. Basil is the powerful scalp stimulator that finely nourishes hair scalp and hair roots. Apply basil leaves paste on your scalp and massage for few minutes. Rinse after 20minutes with warm water. It cleans up your hair perfectly. When applied initially it gives prickling effect to hair. It means basil leaves essence is working well with the scalp.

Best Herbal Food for Hair #5: Hibiscus Leaves

Hibiscus leaves benefits for Hair Growth are many. The leaves contain special pigments that boost up hair re-growth process efficiently. Hibiscus leaves are put in most herbal shampoos and conditioners to beautify hair. Scalp gets good nutrient from the leaves of hibiscus. It beneficially leaves of dirt, excess oil, residues settled on the scalp. It promote for healthy long hair growth and chills hair layer.
For sure these home remedies will help you to get away hair loss and promote healthy hair growth if followed persistently with care for hair.