Best Foods for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Everyone wish to get long and shiny hair. This is quite easy to acquire, but it needs constant efforts to make it. To get a beautiful hair scalp, needs to be nourished basically. To get healthy scalp try out these Best Foods for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Almonds ~ Good sources of vitamin E, zinc and copper present in Almonds makes the hair lustrous and black. To increase the hair growth or to re-gain the lost hair almonds helps more. Hot almond oil massage twice a week soothes hair and controls hair breakage. Almond is one of the powerful foods for maintaining hair healthier.

Green Tea ~ To get healthy scalp, green tea helps more. Healthy scalp contributes to anti-hair loss solutions. The polyphenols naturally contain in the green tea improves scalp health and cures dandruff problem. Herbal green tea stops the hair fall and promotes the hair cells to initiate hair grow process. Green Tea can be both consumed and also applied to hair. Both benefits to hair scalp. While applying to hair it should be massage well before rinsing.

Carrots ~ Carrots are rich source of vitamin A which ultimately helps to cure sight problems. For the scalp vitamin A makes miracles in maintaining it. Carrot juice along with milk applied to hair and should be rinsed well later. It actually supplies the nutrients to hair and keeps the scalp moisturized. As well, it stops the hair fall and gives smooth hair.

Eggs ~ Eggs benefits more for health and hair maintenance. To get the silky hair, eggs helps a lot. The natural substance found in the egg makes the hair look shinny and soft. The white part of raw egg should be separated and applied to the scalp of the hair. This is the natural conditioner for hair to grow well. As well, it energize the scalp root.

Greens ~ Greens and dark leafy vegetables promote hair growth at the high level. Vegetables like broccoli and cabbage are good for health. Greens are nutritious to hair health. It contributes more for hair fall, hair breakage and other hair loss problems. Greens are the power houses for the body. Especially greens care well for hair scalp.

Brown Rice ~ Protein rich brown rice gives long and healthy hair. Most people don’t know the value of the brown rice. So they keep on in taking white rice. Brown rice is also loaded with fiber and essential vitamins. Eating boiled brown rice will give good healthy hair and body. Stick to the brown rice instead of consuming the same white rice which are rich in carbohydrates.

Walnuts ~ Walnuts are abundantly stuffed with omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are very good for health in plenty of ways. For hair nourishment walnuts greatly serves as a very good food. Sufficient quantity of Copper present in the Walnuts prevents hair breakage. It protects hair from dandruff and hair loss problems.

Blue Berries ~ Blue berries are simply filled with all essential nutrients required for the healthy body. Super beneficial fruit blue berry is good for heart problems and proper functioning of kidney. The main nutrient present in the blue berry helps in the blood circulation. It also functions effectively in supplying oxygen to hair scalp.

These are the Best Foods for Healthy Hair and Scalp. Include these in everyday food and get benefited in a good way.