Best Exercise to Reduce Tummy Fats

Reduction of body weight or tummy is possible through exercises. Having fewer foods or wholly avoiding foods will result you in sickness. The center muscle strength is the key factor that booms your abdominal muscles which helps you to reduce tummy fat easily. It is needless to worry about excess tummy fats. There are many easy ways to that helps you to reduce tummy fat. Food control with skipping, walking, Running, jogging, and swimming will helps you to reduce tummy fats. Here some exercise to reduce tummy fats.


It is most preferred for women who can’t spend more time in gyms, walking, and jogging. Crunches are the simple exercise to do, earlier you may find some pains but it is the wonderful way to Reduce Tummy Fats. Crunches will reap good results in reducing tummy fats.

How to do?
Rest down flat in the floor, curve your knees and keep your legs flat in a raised position. Keep your hand backside of the head and hold your head firmly near the ear; slowly move your head up, and your shoulders should not touch the floor. Likewise push your head and move back to the normal position. Place your back according to your comfort. Do the same thing for 3 to 5 minutes.

Crunches exercise can be done at any place as they don’t need any instrument; an empty floor and empty stomach is enough for doing this exercise. Do crunch a simple exercise to reduce tummy fats.

2. Body Twist

Body twist not only helps to reduce fats, it also helps to reduce fat all around the body. It can be done like playing a game.

How to do?
Stand straight and divide your feet. Twist your body left to right by keeping your hands in the waist. Don’t move your legs or knees while doing it. Continue it for few minutes and then twist your arms and touch the opposite foots through arms by bending your body. Do the exercise completely for 5 minutes
It produce pain in arms and legs at starting stage later it Induce a freshness to your mind and heart, it is easy to understand, straining is also less. Enjoy doing such funny exercise and reduce your tummy fats.

3. Plank

An effective technique for tummy reducing is doing plank. Though it is the painful workout, it results well in tummy reduction. Mostly, all the men and women who are going to gym will do plank, as a part of their work out.

How to do?
Firstly lay down your stomach in the floor; now slowly wake up with hand and legs, hold your body by balancing with your toes and elbows. Note your back is in straight position. Maintain the same position for 10 to 20 seconds or as long as you can. While doing this exercise you feel a burn in and around your stomach. Some person may get heavy pain in back and leg. Though it very tough to follow, result will be more effective.

4. Cardio Exercises

Exercise that increases your heart rate like Jogging, walking, swimming, rowing, bike riding and aerobic exercise are known cardio exercises. It is a good source to Reduce Tummy. Those exercises are not specially meant for reducing tummy but it helps to burn fat completely from your body. Cardio exercises leads to high muscular movements within a constant period of time.

If you don’t find time to spend for doing exercise you can split doing exercise for 15 minutes in the morning and regularize any one of the cardio exercises for 20 to 30 minutes in the evening. Do regular exercise to reduce tummy and keep yourself fit and healthy.

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