Best 5 Oils for Hair Growth and Strength

Oil plays a vital role in hair growth and maintenance. There are certain oils which help for a finest growth of hair. Know the Best 5 Oils for Hair and develop your hair growth.

Olive Oil ~

Olive oil is best for hair growth treatment. You know hormone dithydrotestosterone reduces the size of hair follicle by laying a choke hold on hair. DTH is one among the reasons for baldness cause in male. Olive oil fights with DTH for stopping its unclean work and encourages normal hair growth. The strong antioxidants present in olive oil help to fight against hair loss. It develops hair strength and removes dandruff from the head. It is good for moisturizing and deep conditioning of hair. Because of the special qualities of olive oil it is known as mother of hair oils.

Lavender Oil ~

The most wonderful natural hair treatment that is very popular for hair fall control is lavender oil. You can find a better result in Hair Growth within a few months if used consistently. It has capacity to control excessive air loss that is Alopecia. It has special qualities to fight against microbes, fungi and other viruses. The disinfection nature within lavender oil treats more scalp conditions and acts as a powerful antiseptic for the human body.

Rosemary Oil ~

Rosemary oil is more responsible in inspiring hair follicles for increasing hair growth. Rosemary is known for Cancer Restrain. It stops hair loss, dandruff forming and hair graying, it also support strong and shiny hair. Rosemary herbs combined with olive oil promotes an excellent hair growth. Combine both olive oil and rosemary herbs; heat it for very few minutes. After the oil become cool pour it in a bottle and use it regularly. The blood vessels expansion and motivation of cell division by rosemary oil helps to persuade hair follicles to create new hair.

Coconut Oil ~

A clean and nourishing hair is possible through coconut oil. Thousands of years it was protecting hair from various defects. Coconut Oil has the power to penetrate deeply into tubes of the cell membrane in the hair roots. A perfect massage through a coconut oil is the good technique for application. It prevents hair loss, dandruff, develops hair growth. Coconut oil helps in strengthening hair, preventing images and thickening hair. It safeguards hair from pollution and other defects caused to hair.

Almond oil ~

Massaging with almond oil into the scalp will add luster to hair. It increases glow in the hair. Usage of almond oil results in multiple factors like preventing hair damage, hair breaking, growing thick hair, improving long hair and shiny hair. A good Almond Oil Massage helps to prevent dead skin cells growth which reduces scalp inflammation and allows the hair to grow freely. The person who has nuts allergy must consult a medical person before using almond oil.