Benefits of Running for weight loss

Running is the best choice for a person who prefers to lose weight immediately in a safe way. Running is the most effective route to burn calories and to reduce weight. A 150 pound person can reduce more than 100 calories by running a mile. Let’s know the amazing benefits of running for weight loss

Eat Healthy

If you trying to lose weight through running you should keep in mind that you have to reduce weights and not burn more than what you are eating. To lose one pound it needs to burn 3500 calories. For a healthy way of reducing weight, it is necessary to consume nutritious food combine with running exercise. If you are burning more calories through running take small amount of high fat foods and high calorie foods. Whole grains, Vegetables and fruits (some fruits like big banana having high calories should be avoided). Draw chart to note the foods in taken by you at time weight reduction, if you follow the chart for 10 days you may come to an conclusion that what food have maintained, what has to be dropped from the list and what may be added more to the list. Perfect plan is must because there are possibilities to gain weight because of over-consuming foods.

Need for training schedule

Follow a schedule that informs you the work outs to be done in a day. Don’t skip any one of work outs unless it is unavoidable. Skipping of workout may put you to do more on the next day; Over-exercising sometimes results in leg pains, thigh pains etc. So try to follow the exercise schedule without fail.

Over view your work outs

Check your weight at regular intervals to know the workouts that you follow obtains good results or not. Have a note on the weight reduction. Weight reduction through running has some possibilities of gaining weight. Most of you do work outs and eat more you. This may increase your weight. If you go for running once a week weight will not get reduced. Sometimes if you find it difficult to go for regular running schedule, change your running time table for 4 to 5 times of a week.

Keep in mind

Challenge with yourself to reduce at least 5 kg in a month before starting your Running Exercise. Start scrutinizing your result progressively through running efforts. Plan accordingly if your results are up to the mark you quoted, and then try to improve more. Try to burn more amounts of calories by doing regular exercise. It is possible by speeding up the workouts without extending the duration.

Gain more nutrition through foods

If you are working out and training for long distance event, nutritious food is highly necessary. To achieve your goal you must concentrate both in eating healthy food and doing effective exercises. Both should be equally balanced. Skipping nutritious foods does not favor you; know foods to gain nutrition and simple fats to avoid.

Running is Best Exercise for reducing weight but it is effective only if it is carried in a well planned diet and exercise schedule. Running easily reduces fat it reduces the weight gain if food and workouts are not planned well.