6 Best Food Diet for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Most vital reason for the hair fall is unhealthy food diet which people take every day. Simply altering your food diet to healthy foods will help to supply your hair more nutrients. Scalp care is utmost important for irresistible hair growth. Here are the 7 best Food Diet for Healthy Hair and Scalp. Intake them wisely and give your hair and scalp healthy care.

Best Food Diet for Hair #1 : Salmon

Salmon is claimed as the top most food in conditioning for hair and scalp. It is miraculously built up with key ingredients what your hair needs to grow healthy. Salmon excellently halts your hair fall problems. Omega-3 fatty acids still add up more benefits in hydrating good care to your hair.

Best Food Diet for Hair #2 : Milk

Milk is ultimate drink which is nourished with almost all nutrients to healthy body. It oozes out good health to hair and scalp on consuming it every day. Egg white and milk beat liquid massage once a week repairs your hair problems and fix it quickly. Lactic acids give oily nature to scalp layer which drastically solves dandruff issues and also shiny look.

Best Food Diet for Hair #3 : Green Tea

Rich Anti-oxidant filled Green Tea showers more care for hair and scalp. Green tea mainly plays vital role in getting rid of dandruff and damaged hair as it replenishes moisture to the hair layer. It kills the fungus watering green tea benefits. Drinking warm green tea in the evening gives sufficient care to your hair. Green tea can also be employed for hair wash. It offers plenty of care to scalp in keeping it energized.

Best Food Diet for Hair #4 : Carrot

Carrots not only strengthen your vision power but also boost your hair to grow in a healthy way. Ample amount of Vitamin A present in carrots flourish you beautiful and silky hair. Drinking Carrot juice added with skimmed milk with sugar boosts your scalp health. It retains moisture in the hair layer for longer time which is ultimately beneficial for dry hair and dandruff prone hair.

Best Food Diet for Hair #5 : Almond

Your hair is said to be healthy when your hair gets its Essential Nutrients and halts hair fall which leads in the resultant action of fine coarse and dense hair. Almonds contains large amount of nutrients that make your hair grow healthy. Taking 3 almonds per day serves your body fullest of its benefits. Fatty acids and other minerals present in almonds strengthen your hair roots and promote hair growth.

Best Food Diet for Hair #6 : Spinach

Your diet plan for hair must have spinach on regular basis. Add any Green Leafy Spinach varieties as you like to enjoy eating. Spinach gives your hair and scalp routine care in maintaining it healthy. Vitamin A and C and proteins powered in green spinach cater to all your hair care needs. They increase the sebum secretion which takes active role of conditioning your hair naturally.