5 Top Foods for Hair Re-growth

No matter how you hair looks now, thin hair or damaged hair or any hair problems you face, it can get easily fixed by in taking top foods for hair re-growth. These foods care more for hair regimen and promote Healthy Hair Growth.

  • Strawberries : Red lovely strawberries are excellent fruits that help for the whole body. It majorly contributes more in the process of hair re-generation. If you wish to get silky and shiny hair naturally then start eating few strawberries every day. Abundant source of silica are stuffed in the strawberries which give you perfect lustrous and soft hair. Essence of strawberries is used in most hair care cosmetic products to stop hair fall and to stimulate new hairs to grow.
  • Egg Whites : Egg white contains tons of micro Vitamins and minerals which help to preserve hair from environmental conditions. It finely focuses on hair renewal process when you experience too much of hair fall. Egg white treatment is more beneficial to hair scalp to repair the existing hair problem and to fortify hair roots for hair re-growth. Not only egg whites in food help for your hair but also message with egg whites simply improves blood circulation and boosts hair cells to initiate hair growth phase.
  • Dried Fruits : Iron rich dried fruits assist your complete hair care from hair thinning and excessive hair loss problems. Generally most of us experience more hair fall due to less iron nutrient in the body. Due to lack of iron source hair loses its strength and becomes weak. Hence hair fall seems to be excessive. Consuming rich iron content foods will fix hair loss problems very quickly. Taking few iron content dried fruits with morning breakfast will be super-beneficial for your hair to enjoy good iron sources. Dried blueberries, Walnut, apricots and raisins are the top iron rich dried fruits which deliver your hair more iron nutrition to enhance new hair growth.
  • Sesame Seeds : Sesame Seeds are nourished with the goodness of copper and zinc. Fusion of two essential nutrients provides plenty of hair benefits. Your hair tends to change and start healthy hair growth. It resolves premature graying and adds up natural hair color. It highly helps in promoting the development of new hairs by enriching hair strands. Especially black sesame seeds contain more nutritional value. Roasted sesame seeds can be added as toppings in all your chats and curries. It offers more benefits for hair regrowth.
  • Bananas : Bubbly Banana Fruit showers unlimited benefits for hair. It gives great care for hair scalp. Bananas not only fortify your hair roots, it also beautifies hair naturally by producing perfect conditioning effect. Potassium and other vitamins enriched in bananas put down your hair loss issues. Additionally, masking your hair with banana will finely help to maintain healthy hair. Vitamins loaded in bulky bananas power your hair and energize hair molecules to start new hair to emerge sooner.