3 Problems in Hair to cure it in a Simple Way

Many of you suffer from severe Hair Fall problems on daily basis. But they fail to notice the reason for the hair fall. Hair fall may look as simple thing in the earlier stages but if it continues it may end up in thinning hair problems and in final stages of baldness. Here are given 5 frequently facing hair problems and its solutions.

  • Dandruff : White flakes caused of fungus result in more hair fall. There are many reasons for dandruff occurrence. Scalp skin becomes dry and itchy. Dandruff also gets you itchy scalp acne in the initial stages. Falling flakes makes your allergic and lays pimples on the forehead and neck regions. Hair fall seems to be comparatively more as scalp is damaged by fungal infection. Follow these simple ways to run out your dandruff.

Tip :  Home treatment with vinegar, curd is more beneficial in eradicating dandruff from you. Carry down all your home remedies after shampooing hair with best anti-dandruff shampoos.

  • Grey Hair : Premature hair graying has become very common these days. Many feel low of grey hair as it gets them aged look. Grey hair is caused of several reasons like consuming too much caffeinated drinks. Unhealthy Food Habits, lack of nutrition in the body, vitamin or mineral deficiency. Avoid using cheap hair dye products or hair coloring products as it will cause many side effects.

Tip : To treat grey hair from home, mix Henna to get good results. Mix henna powder, few drops of lemon, tea essence and lay on the hair for half an hour. It just colors your grey hair and also makes your hair look shiny.

  • Damaged Hair : When hair looks dry and lifeless, it is said to be damaged hair. For severe hair loss, Damaged Hair serves to be the ultimate reason. Damaged hair loses all its strength and starts to fall in abnormal rate. Split ends, Dry hair and other hair problems slowly emerges and contribute damaged hair. Firstly you need to know damaged hair problem is not caused in a single day. Cure it completely and get a lustrous natural hair.

Tip : Lack of protein nutrients, inadequate nutritional supply to hair leads hair to severe damage. Give proper hair care for about 4 to 6 weeks to rescue hair from damaged hair. Gradually hair fall reduces and induces healthy hair growth.